estd - 1975


Copper Coils

Copper Pancake Coil

Produced specifically for the industrial air conditioning system, the industrial copper tube Class 0 is a ​superior product line of Abc Tube Company which is suitable for the R410A, R32, withstand high working pressure.

The industrial copper tube Class 0 is in conformity with the American standard ASTM B280 for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Field. The minimum thickness of the product is 0.81mm for the tube with OD: 6.35mm, 9.52mm và 12.70mm and is 1.00mm for the tube with OD: 15.88mm, 19.05mm.

Each coil is packed in one single bag with grain moisture inside. The copper tube is printed with the company’s name:  along with the size and ASTM B280 standard. 

Product Specification

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