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Copper Fittings

We manufacture a wide range of copper fittings that can be utilized in many applications at home or commercial applications. These fittings are highly durable and resistant to rust. It is also recyclable and hence does not harm the environment in any way . It is also very compatible for carrying water, hence, ideal for fittings in plumbing. 

Some of the properties of our products are as follows 

Copper & Copper Alloy Products
Chemical Composition

DHP Copper 
Phosphorus - 0.015 to 0.035%
Copper - Balance
DLP Copper
Phosphorus - 0.05 to 0.012%
Copper - Balance

H, HH, 1/4H, O (soft annealed), OL (light annealed)

To meet global competition and international quality standards,we have established stricter quality specifications on our products. The tubes conform to specification for Chemical composition, Temper, Tolerance and Cleanliness, meeting the stringent ''CFC Free'' (Eco-friendly) applications

Our female fittings are manufactured with parallel threads while male fittings are produced with taper threads. Listed below is the dimensional tolerance of our fittings.

Product Specification

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